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We also offer the following services:

  • COMPUTER SECURITY: Whenever you're connected to the internet, your computer is under constant threat of viruses that can slow your computer's speed down to a snail's pace and potentially corrupt its data (important photos, videos, MS Word/Excel documents etc. etc.). On fixing your computer, we will install FREE internet security software with free updates, which means you never have to pay to keep your computer protected again.
  • BROADBAND: Landline, wireless, satellite or mobile? Call us first to discuss your needs.
  • NEW & USED COMPUTERS & PARTS: Do not buy anywhere else until you have talked to us first. We also have an online shop on adverts.ie.
  • RECYCLING SERVICE: We specialise in disposing of obsolete computers, it recycling or recycling it. If you have any old computers/monitors/printers/accessories you no longer want we'll take them off your hands, FREE of charge. We offer this service to individuals and businesses, so get in touch!
  • UPGRADES: We offer both Hardware and Software upgrades for your existing computer. It is cheaper to upgrade than buy new.
  • HOSTING: Once we've designed your website, we will set-up cheap web hosting. If you've already got a website and it's being hosted for you, how much are you paying for your hosting annually? We can do it cheaper.
  • SYSTEMS SET-UP: Computer systems designed to meet your specific business needs.
  • NETWORKING: Both wired and wireless. Connecting your computers by networking allows you to share files, printers and the internet. VHS VIDEO copied to CD-ROM or DVD. We can copy almost any media to another of your choice.
  • DATA BACK-UP & RECOVERY: You will not need this until it is TOO late. So have your files backed up now! We are also able to recover files (videos, photos, MS Word/Excel documents, etc.) from a failed hard drive even if it has been formatted.
  • CONSULTANCY: Please call us to discuss all your computer (hardware and/or software) needs. We have over thirty years experience in the business and can help with all aspects of modern technology, including the prevention of expensive mistakes.

Probably the best it support company on the internet in Ireland. The it business we offer is second to none. We are an it company offering it services, it help, it support, it security, security essentials and it solutions to meet all your needs. As an it consultant (or consultant it) with over thirty years experience you can be sure of the right solution.

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If you have any queries, just give us a call on 087 683 3612.

Alternatively, you can email us at info@idealcomputerservices.ie.

Computer security

For complete computer security you need to have all the following. A secure operating system, a firewall (possibly two both software and hardware), anti malware software, protection from junk mail and phishing and a protected network together with diligent and responsible users.

We offer a complete computer security service, which we base on a computer security audit of you ICT system. As part of your computer security we will install the best free antivirus software, which is based on the kaspersky internet security database and with the best firewall. Though there are many good paid for anti virus programs such as mcfee and avira antivrus, why pay when there are equally as good free anti virus programs. Microsoft security essentials, also know as windows security essentials, Microsoft antivirus and security essentials, obviously works well with Microsoft Windows and is now known as windows defender on Windows 8.

It is not possible to say which is the best antivirus software, or which provides the best internet security, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as total security which is why you to be aware and careful when using the internet. Safety should always be on your mind. Internet security would form part of your network security. You should occasionally run an online virus scan, as part of your overall anti virus protection, for virus removal, which may have been missed by your free virus protection.


We are specialists in computer networking. I first installed a network whilst working as the management accountant for an airline in the mid 1980s and then became the network administrator. The technology involved Novell networking software sitting on top of DOS on a dedicated server connecting to the DOS office PCs via Ethernet cabling. Though technology has advanced over time the principles remain the same, as does the objective. Which is to share, whether it is files, printers and now the internet. This type of network is known as a LAN (local area network).

Not only has the computer hardware changed, but now virtually every computer network is now connected to the internet and involves routers and modems. Most networking is now a WAN (wide area network) which is part of the world wide web. Another development is the wireless network (or wifi network). This allows the connection of hardware without the need for wires. If the wireless networks are not connected to the internet they are wireless lan. As a network engineer, offering network services, we can instruct you on computer networks, network management and network security. Network it, if you want to make you office (or even your home) more efficient.

Computer Back up, restore and data recovery

My pc backup. The first principle of computing is BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. If you have important data, files and information you cannot replace, you must back up your computer. You may be able to redo you CV, but if you have written a unique work, you will never be able to get it back. Your best selling block busting book or poetry will be lost forever! Most people also have family photos and videos, which are irreplaceable. If so you need photo recovery.

A pc backup is essential and does not have to be expensive, as we provide a simple way to backup files. Not only with the best backup software but the best free backup software. Our data backup service, provides a simple backup solution to the backup of files.

Windows backup is not always the simplest or best system to use, so it is necessary to use other computer backup software. If you have a network with a server, the best way is to have a server backup. We offer a business data backup solutions for small businesses service backup. If you already have a back up system are you sure it works? When was the last time you tested it.

What happens if something goes wrong? You need data recovery. You need to be able to restore your information. That is why we provide data backup and recovery services. A good backup system should not involve the “human element”. It should not rely on you or an employee to make it work. If you have a file backup you need to make sure your data backup & recovery both work.

Data recovery and data restore are different. The later is where you restore data from a back up. However, what if you don’t have a back up? (Yes it does happen, and you would be surprised how many people and organisations don’t.) You would need to recover your files. File recovery and data recovery can be an expensive process and may not work. Remember, prevention is better than cure. It is not always possible to recover deleted files through hard drive recovery. How do I recover my files? Deleted file recover is sometimes possible to through restore deleted files. If the hard drive is damaged, recovering deleted files can be achieved through hard drive repair or hard disk recovery.

Through our data recovery services we may be able to effect a data rescue and get data back. We are able to do this for external hard drive recovery, usb recovery and sd card recovery.

IT audit and consultancy

Speaking at the launch of the Techcheck program Minister for Enterprise Minister Martin in 2007 said “Small businesses often find it difficult to find the right type of technology for their businesses. The objective of this programme is to help them overcome this obstacle and identify solutions that are appropriate and specific to them - we must avoid over-engineered or over-spec'ed solutions. Tech-Check is designed to be a practical no-nonsense programme. We are not here to waste the time of small business owners.”

We have carried out over 50 techcheck programs on behalf of the Midland Enterprise boards and in the last year carried out over 30 it audits on behalf of the Offaly Local Development Company.

The information technology audit, basically a computer audit, is a method of looking at information systems in organisations and how businesses could profit from ICT. The it audit consisted of analysing current technology use in the following areas, Technology Planning, Existing Technologies, Security and Maintenance (an it security audit), Automation of Internal Processes, Supply and Purchasing, Marketing and Sales, Internet Marketing, People and Preparedness for the Future.

Each computer auditing assignment began with an assessment of the client’s current business and technical capacity. Based on this assessment, we identify the key strengths, weaknesses and, more importantly, the opportunities relating to the client’s use of technology. The process will then provide a strategy for dealing with these identified priorities, which will require the mentor’s input on the opportunities available to the business through better use of their existing technical resources or by acquiring and using new technologies.

Our audit services include, full computer audits as well as a full information technology security audit as we believe auditing for security is essential for any business.

As an it consultant, with over thirty years experience, we are able to show businesses and organisations how to profit from technology through out it consultancy process. Our it consulting does not just consist of technology consulting but looks at the business as a whole. We provide business consultancy as well as consulting as marketing consultants and security consultants.

We also offer it support and computer support. It is because we believe in a holistic approach to the overall well being of each business.

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