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Computer Repair / IT Services

Computer Repair and IT services.

We offer computer repair IT services that are second to none. If your PC or laptop isn't working properly, we can fix it. We offer a very fast and efficient service. And our solutions are offered at very competitive prices.

We clean up junk files, remove malware, fix problems, update Windows and optimize your computer so it works like new again. We then install FREE internet security with free automatic updates. Never pay for internet security again.

All you have to do is drop it into our office and we'll give you a ring when it's ready.

But if you don't want to drop it in to us, we can pay you a visit and fix your PC on site! Twenty years ago, we started our service as "The Flying Disk Doctor". We then discontinued this service, but now we're bringing it back! See our Computer Doctor page for more info.

Here are some of the computer repair solutions we offer:


  • Power Supply Failures.
  • CPU Cooling Fan Failures.
  • Floppy Drive Failure.
  • CD-ROM Failure.
  • Hard Drives.
  • Memory.

Software Installations:

  • Remote Computing Solutions.
  • Missing Drivers.
  • IRQ and/or DMA Conflicts.
  • Memory Management.
  • System Optimization.
  • Anti Virus Systems.

System Solutions:

  • Data Backup.
  • Home/Small Office Networking.
  • Custom Configured Kernels.
  • Data Storage Solutions.

Hardware Upgrades:

  • CPU.
  • Memory.
  • BIOS.
  • Motherboard.
  • Graphics Card.
  • PSU.

LAPTOPS: We offer screen replacements and DC socket fixes. We also sell new batteries and chargers on request.

But that's not all! We also offer a top of the range virus-removal service. And once we've gotten rid of the virus, we install free anti-virus software to ensure your computer won't get infected again. The antivirus software we provide will update itself automatically. So once it's installed, you won't have to worry about it going out of date!

So if you're looking for a fast, efficient solution that will cater to your needs, contact us today!

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Computer repair services (IT services and computer repair)

We offer a full range of IT Computer repair and IT services. Based in the midlands of Ireland we offer computer repairs Portlaoise, Laois. We believe we have a pc repair (and laptop repair) service, which is unrivalled. Because we are computer repair specialists with over thirty years experience you will have the best slow computer fix. With our extensive knowledge, we have developed a computer repair service where we clean the computer to remove unwanted files and programs. Then we use a virus removal process involving up to ten anti malware programs, this also removes adware and spyware and annoying pop ups. Once this is done we then fix any software problems with the operating system and update Windows. The next step involves optimising the system to, speed up computer and speed up pc, so not only do we repair it but we make it run like new. The final part of the process is to make sure the computer is secure. Once we are sure the computer virus removal is complete, we install free internet security, with free automatic updates so you never have to pay for your anti virus again.

The majority of computer problems are software related. However, there are occasions where you may have a hardware issue and you may need computer hardware repair. You may need a laptop screen repair because of a broken laptop screen, hard drive repair, motherboard repair or circuit board repair. However, laptop screen replacement is not always cheap as the screens can be expensive. Our computer technician is able, through our affordable computer repair and our fast computer repair, to fix most hardware issues.

Apart from laptop repairs, we have laptops for sale if you wish to buy a laptop or buy laptops, where you have a choice of cheap laptops, which are normally second user or new laptops. Sometimes we have the odd cheap laptop for sale in our laptop sale. We also sell new and used computer parts (Ireland), laptop parts and computer accessories and peripherals.

As well as the pc repairs mentioned above, we offer a complete customer support service including emergency computer repair and if necessary we are available for onsite computer repair and for computer network repair. We believe our computer technical services are second to none and for businesses, if desired, we are able to provide a computer maintenance and repair contract with a rapid response time. For the personal computer user we can visit, if requested, for in home computer repair through our home computer repair service (computer home service).

In summary, with our professional computer repair we are able to do computer hardware repairs, it computer repair and upgrade and fix infected computer by our computer virus repair. We also offer xbox repair and xbox 360 repair.

Can you fix my computer? Yes we can!

Cheaper, faster, better.

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