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Computer Doctor / Computer Ambulance Our Rapid Response Call Out Service

Flying Computer Doctor: Fast Repair And Maintenance Service

Twenty years ago, we started our service as "The Flying Disk-Doctor". We then discontinued this service to only fix PCs off-site at our place of work, but now we're bringing it back! Our Computer Doctor service provides rapid response on-site support to help repair any kind of technology issues relating to your computer, whether it is a PC or laptop. We can fix problems be it a hardware or software problem. We are knowledgeable in removing viruses and offer a laptop screen repair, PC repair, and spyware removal service. We offer a very fast and efficient service. And our solutions are offered at very competitive prices.

If you have any queries, just give us a call on 087 683 3612

Alternatively, you can email us at info@idealcomputerservices.ie.

Some people will ring us and ask “my computer is slow” or “computer running slow”. Then they may ask how much will it cost to fix my pc or how much is a computer fix? If it is a software problem we cannot give a definitive answer to the problem or the cost of repair without seeing and inspecting the slow computer. However, we are able to speed up computer either by resetting it to factory settings or by our computer technician applying our repair system developed over the last twenty years.

If you wish to know what a laptop screen repair cost will be you need to let us know the make and model number of the laptop. Laptop screen replacement costs vary and depend on a number of factors including the type of screen required.

Most businesses and many home users will have a computer network. Computer networking is a particular area of our expertise. In the early nineteen eighties I set up one of the first networks, in the UK, for an airline accounts department where we linked twelve PC’s running MS-dos (remember the old black and white screens). This was done by using Novell software with a dedicated server.

Our computer services and pc services cover all aspects of computing including pc repairs, hard drive repair, printer repair, motherboard repair and all other repairs. Is there a computer repair near me you may ask. Yes, we cover all of Laois and beyond with our computer support. As computer troubleshooters we enjoy solving computer problems (as only a computer geek does). If you need your computer repaired don’t take it to computer stores use us. We have lower over head costs and therefore lower prices coupled with greater experience, makes it much better for you.

They say maintenance is better than cure. Ask for our computer maintenance and pc maintenance service, which together with our consultancy service will save you a lot of money. We also offer a complete range of computer sales both new and used including parts for both PC’s and laptops.

Our computer doctor service provides computer support to help repair any kind of technology issues relating to your computer whether it is a PC or laptop. We can fix problems be it a hardware or software problem. We are also knowledgeable in removing computer viruses and offer a laptop screen repair, PC repair, and spyware removal service.

Our computer repair service offers on-site and off-site expertise to optimising your computers and laptops so they run efficiently and at the correct speeds. We also provide memory (ram) upgrades to help your PC systems perform better and other upgrades to overcome computer short comings so they will run better than they were designed to do.

However, before anything can be done to help fix a computer or laptop repair the tech support team will need to look over your system to determine what the issues are that are causing your computer or laptop to run slowly. After, the PC doctor will let you know what needs repairing and will sometimes offer a computer fix bundle that helps prevent and fix viruses, software and hardware issues, and other glitches or issues you may be experiencing with your PC.

Some computerdoctors will even provide in home support for setting up an entire computer system that includes an operating system installation, wireless network set up, desktop installation, printer configuration, and on-site diagnosis for laptop and computer issues. Allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home, but still get assistance with all your computer and technology needs. It depends on you calling our computerdoctor service, for assistance with repairs and set ups.

Best of all, our IT support team as well as computer doctor will provide advice that will show you how to operate a computer or laptop system properly in order to avoid future issues such as viral issues or hardware or software problems. Taking our advice to help you run your computers and laptops properly could even save you money and time in the future. Preventing issues with technology is a topic you can ask our IT team about.

If you have run into computer or laptop troubles call our computer doctor and PC repair team now and allow us to help you. After all, we are professionals and with over thirty years experience can tackle and fix any kind of PC issue.

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